Custom Designs

Cant find what you’re looking for in the current selection of premade covers?
I also do custom work.

Prices and time frame vary on the complexity of the design, and my current workload.

Custom novel covers start at $65 and generally take about a week and a half to complete.
Nonfiction covers start at $45.
Boxed sets with an original (simple) cover design start at $45 with an original front image, $35 if creating from an image or cover(s) you already have.
Full jacket sleeves from an existing cover start at $35, and ebook cover + full jacket combos start at $80.  A full ebook cover and jacket sleeve for a fiction cover usually takes about two weeks to finish, however the more time for us to make all the necessary changes, the better.  I do my best to accommodate last minute deadlines, but it’s not always possible.

This is a new ebook service I’m adding:  If you’re on a tight budget and already own the rights to the image you want to use, I’ll polish it up and add the typography and series look for you starting at $35.  This is a good option for authors who have attempted to DIY a cover and it didn’t quite turn out how they expected it to, or they need a bit more of a professional look with the image they’ve already purchased.

I do discounts on bulk and series orders, and am willing to work with those on a budget.  Please feel free to email me with inquires at



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