How to Attract Readers with Book Cover Design

In the world of online book sales, you only have a single moment to grab your reader’s interest. Simply go to Amazon and take a look at the wealth of ebooks available. There are so many to choose from! That’s a lot of competition. What’s it going to take to grab a reader’s attention, prompting them to pick your book over all the others? A quality cover, that’s what. It’s only after a cover has caught the attention of a reader that they’ll read the title and the book’s description.


It’s sad, but true. A pathetic book cover will result in a pathetic amount of sales. It’s important to choose a book cover that’s eye-catching and relevant to your book’s content. If a book cover’s images are all over the place, resulting in a cover that looks more like a collage, you’re not going to draw in a lot of readers. It’s best to keep things minimal and attractive.


When designing a cover for an ebook, you want to choose colors that pop and models that are attractive. It’s equally important to place the title in a visible place, because the second thing that piques a reader’s interest is the title. If your cover is desirable, the reader will pull it from the virtual shelf. If the title doesn’t interest him, he will put it back. Of course, most titles are vague and many don’t make sense.

enders game


Bestselling Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is the perfect example of an interesting cover. The title is vague, but readers know they’re looking at a science fiction novel, because they chose it from the science fiction section. They may be able to imagine that Ender is the boy on the cover, who is featured doing something with his hand against the glass of a spaceship’s giant window. Perhaps this is the game in question? See how the visual aspect of the cover semi-defines the title?


In general, it’s a good idea to tie your cover’s images into the title. That way, even if you have a vague name, like Ender’s Game, it makes sense to the reader. Your piquing there curiosity. This is the best way to make them click through to your ebook’s sales page, in order to read your fabulous description.

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Jessica Richardson is a graphic designer from Western New York. Her covers have seen many best-selling lists, as well as received accolades from authors and bloggers. In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her doggies, redecorating her home, and photographing her journey.
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