Hi all, and welcome to my swanky new website – from which I will sell all sorts of one of a kind premade ebook covers!  

A little about me:
My name is Jes Richardson, a freelance graphic designer, and I have been designing custom book covers for quite some time. Recently, I’ve been pumping out oodles of premade covers, and thought it best to open this fresh, new store. While still a work in progress, the site is now functional. I plan on posting new covers almost every day, so keep an eye out!

If you don’t see what you need quite yet in the ways of cover art, feel free to contact me directly for custom work at jesrichardsonphoto@gmail.com. In addition to covers, I also design 3d boxed sets, banners, facebook cover photos, logos, app icons, t-shirts, posters, and any other kind of promotional material you can think of.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep your eye out for a few free cover giveaways in the very near future!

-Jes Richardson

About Jessica Richardson

Jessica Richardson is a graphic designer from Western New York. Her covers have seen many best-selling lists, as well as received accolades from authors and bloggers. In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her doggies, redecorating her home, and photographing her journey.
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